Helpful Advice for Protecting Your Paint Job

After we’re finished with your car’s new paint job, you’ll want to keep the coat protected and looking great. We suggest the following tips to help maintain the car’s colour for as long as possible.

  • Hand wash your vehicle
  • Avoid using commercial brushes and detergents
  • Wash in warm water in the winter, cold water and in a shady spot during the summer
  • Use a chamois or soft cloth to remove water spots
  • Wait at least a month and a half before applying polish, sealant or wax
  • Avoid extreme temperatures and parking under trees
  • Avoid industrial facilities where smoke can damage the paint
  • Avoid driving on gravel roads
  • Remove road salt from under the fenders with a forced pressure wash
  • Brush off snow and ice from painted surfaces during the winter
  • Clean up spilled windshield solution and antifreeze right away
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